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Belize Travel Information

(see also the Belize Tourism Industry Association and the State Department for more Belize travel information)

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Passport and Visa information: A passport is required to enter Belize
along with proof of return. No visas are required for citizens of the United States,
Canada, and the UK. Citizens of other countries should check with their
local Belizean consulate or embassy. Visitors are allowed a one month visit
without requesting an extension.

Customs: You must declare what you are bringing into the country. Personal
items and equipment such as cameras and scuba equipment are not subject to
customs fees as long as you will bring them back with you.

US residents are permitted a $400 duty free tax exemption per person.
They can also return with 200 cigarettes, and citizens 21 or older can bring
back one quart of alcohol duty free. Belizean dollars may be used in duty
free shops.


"...don't forget to pick up a quart of Caribbean Rum or my favourite Marie Sharp's Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce..."  

It is illegal to take firearms, ammunition, or illegal drugs into or out of
of Belize.
     "...a definite 'No No'.."

Certain plants and animals are protected and Mayan Artifacts are also
protected. These include Pre-Columbian artifacts, fish, coral ornaments,
shells, the skin or products made from endangered animals..."

     "...that piece of broken pottery you found at El Pilar, that you thought
     would make a great souvenir...its best you just leave it there..."

What to bring?

1. Your passport
2. For Sightseeing we recommend camera and plenty of film or video equipment

3. Batteries, binoculars

4. A flashlight for Caracol and Rio Frio Cave.

5. Sun tan lotion (remember you are in the tropics now - protect yourself from a severe
    sunburn, especially if you are arriving from a sub-zero winter in the northern
    hemisphere to a 90 degree temperature in the tropics).

6. Mosquito repellant (For the jungles or San Pedro)
    see also health and safety for additional items

     "...things cost twice as much in Belize as they do in the US so it is a
good idea to bring items you will need such as film or batteries with
you rather than buying them here in Belize..."

How to dress
-comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots (for visiting temples)
-light casual clothing (for the warm weather)
-long sleeved shirts/pants for the jungles to protect you from scratches
 and mosquitoes.
-swimsuits, pool towels for swimming/snorkeling
-if hats and sunglasses are your thing by all means bring them.

Credit Cards, Currency, and Exchange Rate: One US dollar = two BZE dollars.
Credit cards are accepted in most resorts. US dollars are readily accepted
everywhere. You will be in remote areas so have cash on hand rather than
depending on credit cards. Traveler's checks can be cashed at Banks.

Taxes: There is a 7% percent hotel tax. A 15% value added tax (VAT) has been
recently implemented and is applicable to services.

Departure Tax: Before departing Belize international visitors will have
to shell out approximately $40 Bze dollars in fees which include the following:
departure tax, security tax and a Protected Area Conservation Trust (PACT) fee.

Belizean nationals pay $32.50 Bze
Domestic flights pay $1.50 Bze e.g. to San Pedro

Tipping: 10-15% is acceptable.

Electricity: Same as US 110 volts AC

Health And Safety concerns
-Your prescription medicine may not be readily available so be sure to bring
 it with you if so needed.
-The water is safe to drink but if you prefer bottled water is also available.
-If you must travel with young babies, we found that while on tour
 it is a challenge keeping all those bottles of milk fresh for the baby, while still having
 room for the soda and snacks. What we did was we got our two year old child use
 to a powdered formula, which holds up better in warm weather.
-a first aide kit comes in handy for scratches or cuts. In this hot and humid weather
 you want to cover up any open cuts or scratches quickly.

Travel age: Because of the nature of  tours which involve a lot of
walking and climbing often in warm to hot humid weather (and there are no paved
paths for pushing a stroller) we recommend that the travel age to be six
years and older. All age groups be sure that you can handle the walking and climbing

"...surprisingly it is a lot cooler and shadier in and around the temples
since archaeologists have left many shade trees standing..."

Important phone numbers: to dial Belize from the US
first dial 011-501 and then the number.

When calling Belize to arrange your trip save on phone charges by using an international prepaid phone card
Before you leave be sure to write the phone numbers of your
Tour guides
Travel Agent

Time Zone: Belize is on Central Standard time. Belize doesn't observe daylight
savings time.

Flight Confirmation: Always confirm your flight. In Belize have your resort
assist you with this.

Getting Married: You must reside in Belize for three days before you
can apply for a minister's license to marry. You will need proof
of citizenship (certified copy of birth certificate, signed by a
notary public, and which includes father's name); proof of divorce if
applicable (certified copy or original certificate of divorce); copy
of death certificate for widow or widower; You don't' need a blood test
or consent of parents if over 18.

Pets: From the UK, Jamaica, Barbados, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia:
all animals must be certified either as having been vaccinated against rabies
not less than one month and not more than six months prior to departure or
as having no contact with rabies during the previous six months. All
animals must be accompanied by a certificate of freedom from symptoms
and of infectious or contagious diseases signed by a government veterinarian
not more than 48 hours prior to shipment. All animals must be free of
fresh open wounds to prevent the re-introduction of screw worm larvae.
All other countries: All animals must be accompanied by a certificate
of freedom from symptoms
and of infectious or contagious diseases signed by a government veterinarian
not more than 48 hours prior to shipment. All animals must be certified either
as having been vaccinated against rabies not less than one month and
not more than six months prior to departure. Any animal may be required
to be vaccinated against rabies on arrival at the owner's expense. All
dogs must be accompanied by a valid vaccination certificate against
distemper, parvo virus, infectious canine hepatitis and leptospirosis.

"...I think what they are trying to say is leave Fido at home..."


Communications:  Telephones are readily available for local and international calls, while paging and wireless phones are at an increase. Radio and television are well established. Computers are used by Government and most businesses have adopted them for day to day transactions. Email has become quite popular as an alternative to expensive international phone calls. Post Offices are available in major towns.


-just for fun send a postcard or email to your folks back at home


Yo Dread,
Whe di happen man? I'm here on di island kicking it with the brethren soaking up some rays and sucking back on di beliKin beer man. Si yu back in shy town in a couple a days blood.


Hey man,
Whe di go an?
I just find out what Belize means? It means bashment, brethen, and belikin beer man.
XOXO in di tropics


Getting There: Both American, Continental and Taca airlines have daily scheduled flights to and from Belize. US Airways have recently begun scheduled flights to Belize also.

Travel Guides: For further  information on what to do, where to stay etc. I recommend you read a few travel guides for Belize.  For your convenience, I have reviewed and recommended a few travel books which are also available online through See my recommendations here.

Most Important thing of all: just have fun, enjoy yourself, relax, learn, be safe,
learn new things and gather some unforgettable memories.


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