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Belize Travel Guide-Insight Guides Belize


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More Details: Insight Guides Belize

Insight Guide Belize

Pic Shown above is of the first edition cover

Title:   Insight Guides Belize

Author:  Huw Hennessy

Publisher: Insight Guides; 2nd Updtd edition (July 2003)

Edition: Paperback  pages 339

List Price: $23.95

ASIN: 0887296203

Other Books by the Author: The publishers have also written a series of Insight guides for other destinations.

Review: read below

5 Star Rating: 

Available for Purchase online: Yes

Pic Shown below is of the 2nd edition cover






Insight Guide Belize

(please note this review is based on the 1st edition)
If you are looking for a travel guide that captures the true essence of Belize then Insight Guides Belize is that book. It uses colourful, descriptive and enjoyable language that creates a unique Belizean flavour. The contributing authors have lived in Belize long enough to know exactly what to write. Take for example the section on foods; the author writes that "...many Belizean families would be at a loss without their salad cream, tinned luncheon meat and condensed milk...". In another place the author writes in talking about the night life at the Blue Angels Club in San Ignacio, that "...the scene gets increasingly rough as the night goes on, and locals insisted that the wire grilles were put over the second story Blue Angel's Window because too many people were being thrown through them in drunken brawls...".  Such insight! No wonder the guide is aptly named Insight Guides Belize. For an understanding of Belize and what to expect I highly recommend this travel guide to the would be traveler to Belize. This is not 'Club Med' y'al this is Belize, the book makes it clear.



About the Contents

Spectacular colour photography is a very strong point of Insight Guide Belize, good enough for you to display this book on your coffee table as a memento to a unique treasure. Add to that the in depth contents. The book begins with background information on Belize several in depth chapters including the history, people and culture. Followed by the all important activities, and places to go. What sets this guide apart from others is the depth of the material supported with magnificent photography. You don't get to the pertinent travel information until the very end of the book.

A brief list of the essentials covered in this travel guide.

In case you weren't paying attention the travel essentials are tucked away in the yellow pages at the very end of the book, almost as though not to be obtrusive of the insightful writing of the rest of the book.

1 Information on accommodations, restaurants, transportation, food, shopping, health and safety, tour operators and other travel information for Belize

2 Sightseeing and activities are covered including major attractions such as scuba diving, Mayan ruins, the jungles, and outdoor recreational activities.

3 Tons of colour photography, illustrations, maps and directions.

4. About Belize including history, people, culture economics and the land itself.

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e.g. Chicaga (ORD) - Belize City (BZE)



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