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Belize Travel Guide-Belize Handbook


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More Details: Moon Handbooks Belize 5 Ed

Title: Moon Handbooks Belize 6 Ed

Author: Chicki Mallan, Patti Lange, Oz Mallan (Photographer)

Publisher: Avalon Travel Publishing


Paperback  408 Pages

100 more pages than the 5th ED

List Price: $17.95 $$$$save at

ISBN: 1566913438

Other Books by the Author: The authors and publishers have written other travel guides.

Review: read below

5 Star Rating:

Available for Purchase online: Yes





Belize Handbook

"Belize 101", that is the title for my review of the Belize Handbook. If you've asked yourself, "Where do I begin?", then let me suggest you begin with this book. Belize Handbook provides essential, concise, practical information and advice about traveling to Belize including background information and activities. There is no fluff or unnecessary jibber to boost the page count. The information is adequate to plan your Belize visit and enough activities are covered for you to pick one. There are plenty of pictures, maps, and illustrations to give you a glimpse of what to expect, though, I wish they had included more colour pictures. The authors and publishers are experienced in writing travel guides and they have brought that experience to Belize Handbook 6 ED. I highly recommend this book for anyone planning or even just thinking about taking a trip to Belize.




About the content

I liked the way the contents were laid out. It begins with an introduction of Belize including the land, people, history and economics. The Introduction brings you up to speed very quickly on the topic of Belize, and will make you a very knowledgeable visitor in a few short chapters.

The "On the Road" section covers activities, sightseeing and things to do. Scuba divers and snorkelers will want to check out the in depth chapters on the reefs, atolls, ambergris caye. Archaeological enthusiasts will want to read up on the Mundo Maya chapters. The ecotourist will want to read the chapters on the flora and fauna, and the Cayo district. And for the adventurous there is information on hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing and caving.


A brief list of the essentials covered in this travel guide.

1 Information on accommodations, restaurants, transportation, food, shopping, health and safety, tour operators and other travel information for Belize

2 Sightseeing and activities are covered including major attractions such as scuba diving, Mayan ruins, the jungles, and outdoor recreational activities.

3 There are lots of pictures, illustrations, maps and directions.

4. About Belize including history, people, economics and the land itself.

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e.g. Chicaga (ORD) - Belize City (BZE)



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