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Belize Video-Tropical Kingdom of Belize


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National Geographic Tropical Kingdom Of Belize






Title:  Tropical Kingdom of Belize (1985) National Geographic Video

Rated: NR

Publisher: Studio: National Geographic

Edition: VHS Video   60 min

VHS Features:
NTSC format ,Color

List Price: $19.98

ASIN: 6304475950

Other Books by the Author:

Review: being updated

5 Star Rating:

Available for Purchase online: Yes







"Path of the Rain Gods" that's the title of my review for the video Tropical Kingdom of Belize.


This is not a travel guide. What this video is, is a beautifully photographed nature film of Belize's ecosystem.  Still it is a great way to learn about Belize's natural beauty and treasures.  You might not encounter these animals in the wild but here is a great way to see them in action.  As frequent viewer of National Geographic videos and other nature films/documentaries, this video also captivated my attention, and I couldn't help but wonder in awe of the scenes they were able to capture and the beautiful photography. I think its an excellent video and that is why I am recommending it here.




About the Content


The film follows the path of the rain god (the water cycle) from its origins in the Caribbean Sea  to the Maya Mountain tops through the jungles and back to the sea. It covers a wide scope of the Biodiversity of Belize it covers both flora and fauna. It includes animals such as the jaguar and tapir, and birds such as the Rufus tailed hummingbird and plants such as the heliconia plants, and marine life as well. The terrain is also covered including the rainforests, swamps and coral islands.


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